My Philosophy

I began my yoga journey 17 years ago. I took an Ashtanga class in a gym and felt exhilarated after that class. As I came from the dance world I knew how to work with my body, but was stressed and injured… Yoga for me is a wonderful physical activity but also a cure for the soul, a way to connect body, mind and spirit. Furthermore, it is a way of life.

Moving to London in 2003 enabled me to continue my Yoga study with the most inspiring teachers one could have. In 2005 I fulfilled my dream and took a teacher training course in “Centered Yoga”- Thailand. A course accredited by the Yoga Alliance international organization. Since then I have been been passing on my passion and love of yoga to others. As my Master’s degree is in Dance Science (including anatomy and physiology) I believe I have the tools and experience to enhance physical and mental Yoga practice in a safe, free of injury way.

I teach an Ashtanga inspired class, with Restorative postures to control aches and pains. Modifications and adjustments are given when necessary, to assure that you are safe, supported and comfortable. In addition, Pranayama (breath control) and Meditation techniques are included when appropriate.

Practising yoga has helped me accept and work with my body, its flaws and imperfections, and to achieve a peaceful state of mind (as much as one can, in this hectic world…) Learning to let go. Letting go of attachment to the fruits of action. Letting go of the urge to push towards the maximum in every posture, particularly when sometimes the body says no. Listening to the body’s wisdom…

Yoga practice is only the way to a final much higher cause: self liberation, or for me: making change, finding happiness and completeness.